Dr. Nicolás Tranchini

Nicolás came to Christ through The Navigators in his youth. He has lived in Argentina, the United States, and the Canary Islands and Malaga in Spain. He is a writer, a lecturer, and a pastor at Comunidad Cristiana El Cónsul. He holds a Doctorate in Ministry, and he is the founder of the Deep Changes Ministries. Nicolás is fascinated by medieval castles, and he is also passionate about putting together photo albums of his family. He is married to Analía, and they have three children: Micaela, Tomás, and Manuel.

Stefan Peters
Dr. Stefan Peters

Born and raised in Germany, Stefan came to Christ as a student through The Navigators. After obtaining a doctorate degree in mathematics from the University of Bonn, he spent a postdoc year at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (USA). Afterwards he pursued a career in the IT industry in Munich, where he served as an elder in a local church. In 2016 he moved to the German capital Berlin and is now a member of the Freie evangelische Gemeinde Berlin-Adlershof.

David González

David was born to a Christian family but did not have a personal encounter with Jesus until his love made an impact on David at the age of 22. David studied electronics and computer science, and he is passionate about technology, running and mountain biking. He earned a degree in Theology from Bible Institute and Theological Seminary of Spain in Barcelona (IBSTE) and has been serving as a pastor at Comunidad Cristiana El Consul church in Malaga, Spain, for over ten years. He is married to Sara, and they have a son, Ismael.

Dr. James Adams

Dr. James Adams is a professor at the Dallas Theological Seminary and at  Seminario Teológico Centroamericano de Guatemala (SETECA). He has focused his teaching on spiritual formation, conflict resolution and leadership. He also has served as a Camino Global missionary for over 23 years in Argentina, El Salvador and Guatemala. James is the founder of Redil, and he is a consultant for Refresh, a ministry focused on the personalized spiritual formation of pastors and leaders. James and his wife have two children: Caleb and Nathan.

Sebastián Amarillo

Sebastian lives in Rosario, Argentina. He is a pastor at Iglesia Bautista del Centro. A designer and artist, Sebastian is the co-founder of Estudio Masea (SRL), a construction company in Rosario, Argentina. Among other things, he enjoys Bible study, teaching and leading small groups. He is married to Débora, and they have two young children: Dina and Tomás.

Obed Palacios
El Salvador

Obed obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the Seminario Teológico Centroamericano de Guatemala (SETECA). He currently represents SETECA in El Salvador as he completes his graduate work in the same institution. Obed serves as an associate pastor at Iglesia Bautista El Redentor, and he equips pastors and leaders in several Central American countries and the US as he coordinates Refresh, a ministry focused on spiritual formation. He is married to Maru, and they are the proud parents of a daughter, Hannia Marina.

Sharol y Gonzalo Salazar

Sharol and Gonzalo are Peruvian nationals who reside in Trujillo, Peru. Gonzalo is a plastic artist specialized in contemporary painting and drawing. Sharol is an educator specialized in philosophy, psychology, and social sciences. Gonzalo planted the  Iglesia Camino Nuevo church in Trujillo, which he pastored from 2010 to 2017. They currently serve the Lord together as evangelists using various ministry platforms. They are both members of the Presbiteriana Cristo Rey.

Amany Iskander

Originally from Egypt, Amany has worked for several prestigious international corporations such as USAID, British Council, Gillette, Procter and Gamble, the American International Bank and the Chase Manhattan Bank. Her passion is to live the Great Commission, and she has a special heart for those who have never heard the gospel. She has served with Partners International Egypt and with  Stream of Living Water Ministry. Amany and her husband, Saher, have two children.

Florencia Tranchini

Florencia has been a full time missionary with The Navigators in Argentina for almost twenty years. Both she and her husband, Chris, are involved in the agency’s leadership in Latin America. Florencia holds a degree in Hotel Administration from UNQ, a degree in Family Studies from Universidad Austral, and two diplomas from Universidad de Villa María; one in Emotional Education and the other in Educational Neuroscience. She is passionate about building bridges with her community and sharing the love of Christ with them in a natural way. She has two children: Valentina and Matías.

Leo y María Barreto

Leo is Brazilian and Maria Argentinean. They met while in Lanzarote in Spain and got married in 2010. They made a joint decision to study at the Bible Institute and Theological Seminary of Spain in Barcelona (IBSTE). Leo earned a degree in Theology and Maria a diploma. They currently serve together at the Comunidad Cristiana El Consul church leading small groups, being part of the worship team, and leading the missions group. They have a beautiful little girl called Sofía.

Carol Iskander

Caroline was born and raised in a Christian family. She came to Jesus when she was very young, and she has been involved in various ministries in her local church in Cairo, Egypt, from a very young age. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Ain Shams University (from Al Alsun College), where she majored in Spanish Language and Literature and in English as a Second Language. Caroline is passionate about missions and greatly enjoys going on both short and long trips to different countries around the world in order to share God’s love for them.

Rubén Canovaca Nieto
Rubén Canovaca

Ruben was born and raised in a Christian family. Ruben married his wife, Luciela, in 2010, and they have been blessed with two beautiful children: Sara and Marcos. In 2012, Ruben earned an associate degree in Computer Applications Development and has been working as a full-time web developer ever since. He and his wife currently serve the Lord at Comunidad Cristiana El Consul church, in Spain. He is passionate about theater, which he has pursued professionally, the movies, new technologies and video games.

Gabriel Cabrera

Born in Argentina, Gabriel has lived in Spain since 2019. At present, he is studying at the Theological Seminary of Seville and is undergoing training and discipleship as he is mentored for pastoral ministry. Where ministry is concerned, Gabriel serves in Comunidad Cristiana El Consul church by participating in the evangelism and worship teams and by working with teenagers and young adults. Gabriel enjoys playing soccer and chess.

Cristian Gómez

Cristian was born in Colombia in 1987, but he has lived in Spain since 2000. He is currently studying at Seminario Teológico de Sevilla. He is a member of Comunidad Cristiana El Consul church, where he serves in the worship group and through several multimedia projects. Cristian has recorded a worship music album, and he is highly creative in video editing. His vision is to combine theology and audiovisuals to spread the message of the gospel around the world.

Gabriela Brunetto

Born in Argentina, Gabriela currently lives in her hometown, Rosario, in Argentina, where she has been a member of Iglesia Bautista del Centro church since 2015. An English translator by profession, she currently works as a software implementer for a company based in the United States. Gabriela loves reading and lettering.

Walt Clay
Walt was born in the United States, raised in Argentina, where he served 6 years with los Navegantes in Uruguay and currently lives in Mexico. He studied business administration at Clemson University . One of her greatest passions is helping people connect their faith in Jesus with work life. He is married to Haley and they have 3 children: Evaleigh, Olivia, and Henry.
Agustín Herrero

Agustín lives in Salto, Uruguay. He has a degree in Communication and works as a journalist and writer of digital content. He is passionate about writing, good reading, apologetics and the deep work of God in the lives of those who seek him.

Selene Simari
Selene lives in Rosario, Argentina. Passionate about the Gospel and communication. She studies Social Communication, works in digital communication creating strategies and content for social networks. She is member of Iglesia Bautista del Centro , she enjoys serving among young people and learning the word of God while waiting for Christ.
Jorge y Cathrine Cariaga
Northern Ireland/Denmark

Jorge was born in Argentina and when he was 15 years old, he moved to Lanzarote (Spain) with his family. He is passionate about football, nature, and photography. He usually spends his weekends making bbq’s for his family. Cathrine was born in Denmark, speaks 5 languages and has travelled to many countries. She is a certified translator of Spanish and Danish and she loves animals, art and coffee. Jorge and Cathrine got married in Denmark. Then they moved to Northern Ireland, where they now live and they attend Strandtown Baptist Church. They both work full time, Jorge in sales of software products and Cathrine as an analyst with a financial firm.

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