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A year of changes

A Devotional Focused on Enjoying God

Is this a devotional?

Yes and no. It is your choice! Although the book is divided into daily readings, this is not a traditional devotional. Most devotional books have inspiring thoughts about the Word of God, but those thoughts are often disconnected one from another. And sometimes, the subject that you are reading one day is completely isolated from the next. This book is different. As you go through it you will find that each day addresses a self-contained truth, but this truth is related to what you will read the following day. The content is arranged in a progressive way so that you can meditate day by day on the way spiritual growth takes place. In this way, you have a chance to read one day at a time or to read the book in one sitting. The choice is yours!

How is it structured?

The book has five interconnected sections which are organized as follows:

Part #1: My goal in life

  • What do I want?

  • How much do I want it?

Part #2: Change

  • What is it?
  • How can I change?

Part #3: Spiritual disciplines

  • What are the spiritual disciplines? (There are more than 20!)
  • Why are they so important?
  • How do I put them into practice?

Part #4: Practical topics

  • How do I defeat my idols?
  • How do I cultivate the fruit of Spirit?
  • How do I make Christ-centered decisions?
  • How do I solve conflicts with others?
  • How do I deal with suffering in my life?

Part #5: Devotionals from other authors

  • They complement previous ideas
  • They provide new perspective

Who are the co-authors?

Dr. Ramesh Richard
Director of REACH International and professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, USA.

Dr. Mike Pocock
Professor emeritus at Dallas Theological Seminary, USA.

Dr. James Adams
Adjunct professor for Doctor of Ministry Studies at the Dallas Theological Seminary, and professor at SETECA, USA and Guatemala.

Dr. Jenny McGill
Adjunct Professor in World Missions and Intercultural Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

Tom Nelson
Writer and pastor at Denton Bible Church, USA.

Henry Clay
The Navigators, Colorado, USA.

Greg Travis
Founder and director of 
Ante Su Palabra, Denton, USA.

Israel Sanz
Pastor at Iglesia Bautista de Córdoba, Cordoba, Spain.

John Brown
Pastor at Denia Community ChurchDenton, USA.

Jesús Gonzalez Báez
Professor at Seville Theological Seminary,  Malaga, Spain.

María Florencia Tranchini
The Navigators, La Plata, Argentina.

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