DID you know that...?

There are 1.8 billion Muslim in the world

That is one in four people!

There are thousands of Christians in closed countries who have no access to 
Christ-centered literature.


We want to give every Arab Christian in the world a FREE digital copy of Deep Changes

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Here's the free version in Arabic

Can I get a hard COPy OF THE BOOK?

Yes, we have hard copies in Cairo, Egypt. You may contact Amany by phone or WhatsApp at +20 120 439 1113. She is fluent in both English and Arabic. Please, note that there is charge for hard copies, which proceeds we use to fund the printing and shipping of new copies the book.

Can I share this info with my Arab Christian friends?

Of course you can; that is the idea! It is a gift to all the Arab Christians around the world, and we want to make it go viral! Any missionary agency, church, ministry, or person can distribute the PDF version of the book through ANY social media platform or even upload it to their own website. Our only request is that they don’t modify the content of the book nor charge people for it.

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