Changing is not simply obeying; changing is experiencing a
of our deepest desires
The main goal of every Christian should be
and helping others enjoy him, too

Who recommends deep changes?

God is graciously condescending to use this book to change lives all around Latin America and the Arab world… I encourage you to read it in order to “change the way you change."
Dr. Ramesh Richard
We have used this book at Dallas Theological Seminary and SETECA, and I can bear witness to its profound impact on the students. If you want to see deep changes in your life and in the life of your church, I highly recommend it!
Dr. Jim Adams
Nicolás Tranchini is a man who loves the Word of God and who's deeply committed to communicating it in a clear, simple, and relevant way. Get ready to be challenged by his book.
Greg Travis
Writing from the reality of his own personal spiritual struggle, Nicolás helps us turn from mere superficial change to join the work of the Holy Spirit in search of true transformation and humility.
Henry Clay
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Deep Changes is currently being used in
more than 40 countries
to help believers understand how the Gospel works


Featuring an intriguing and eye-catching cover, Deep Changes is a book aimed at helping you engage in an exhaustive analysis of your drive, motivations, and desires. From the very first pages, it raises crucial questions: What is real change? How can we identify whether our life has undergone a significant change? Have we only dealt with the most superficial area of our life, leaving aside its most intimate aspect, our heart?

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